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We believe in the power of social media. The effort people give and the time they spend on social media, as well as other community networks, can become a resource with which we can better the world.


The ONZ team strongly believes that the social interactions are a fundamental human need. These days, we face a crisis of separation arising from differing ideals in politics and ideology. When people turn against each other, it can lead to distrust and loneliness. The ONZ team believes that with the right technology, we can potentially help solve this problem.

Social networks are now so well established, here are some figures of social networks in 2017.

  • Global users: 2.8 billions
  • Advertising revenue: 41 billions (USD)
  • Time spent: 2 hours and 19 minutes (daily)
  • Snapchat hits: 10 billion daily video views
  • Social media ad spend surpasses TV

Blockchain is an encrypted, distributed database shared across multiple computers or nodes that are part of a community or system. Here is why a blockchain is able to move foundational social media to an entirely different level.

  • Decentralization
  • Public networks (DPOS)
  • Transactions between different social medias
  • Freedom of speech
  • Store of value

The ONZ project is based in the belief that a sense of togetherness could help restore the disconnect in the society. It’s very important to note how a sense of togetherness is different from just fitting in.

  • Connected with ONZ Network
  • Store of value with ONZ Coin
  • Provide cross social network transactions


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ONZ Coin Introduction Video

Let's see how ONZ coin will change people reactions in their social network.

Technology Model

The principle idea of ONZ is to integrate social media platform with DPOS blockchain technology to transform appreciation on social media platforms into ONZ cryptocurrency network as a transferable token. The value of the ONZ token will depend on how the community recognizes it in terms of real value. ONZ is transferrable if someone could send ONZ to others as appreciation in real life. The value of ONZ token will be primarily based on the trust in the community, and the system will consist of the following components:

ONZNet - DPOS crypto backbone

The backbone of the platform which takes care of all of the transactions with DPOS blockchain technology, the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized and flexible model.

ONZCoin - Social Value Unit

The value carrier throughout the platform. The value of ONZCoin varies with recognition and the level of trust within the whole community. It is not in physical form but it exhibits properties similar to physical currencies and allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfers of ownership.

ONZProbe - Social Media Adaptor

ONZProbe is the key component that the ONZ team will be focused on because it will be the only channel to integrate with social media platforms. ONZProbe is not only a software development sub-project but a key piece of the puzzle the team needs to bring to the table in order for social media platforms to buy-in to the integration.

ONZScale - Social Media Weighting Bot

ONZScale is the second most important subproject which the ONZ team will be focusing on, since an algorithm needs to be developed to evaluate the data feed from the ONZProbe on an individual. This is in order to quantify the social media weight of the individual, which is very important because that weighting will be transformed into a certain amount of ONZCoin.

ONZStamp - Social Asset Stamping Bot

ONZStamp is a component the ONZ team would like to have in order to digitize social media assets. This will be used to verify whether a post is original or not. The ONZ team promotes social media copyrights, but as a technical matter, the team needs a way to distinguish originals and reposts in order to properly assign a weight to it.

ONZWallet - Digital Wallet

Everyone in the community keeps their ONZCoin in their ONZWallet. Each wallet has a unique address which works as the identifier in the network. It is just like a bank account number, all transactions are from/to individual ONZWallet addresses.


The ONZ team has laid out the following project timeline. The team is aiming to strictly follow it and it has been broken into 4 stages with 6 phases. Each stage and corresponding activities are illustrated in the diagram below.

ONZ Coin - Roadmap

ONZ Coin Mobile App

ONZ Team

ONZ has a dedicated, skilled and intelligent team, we believe in quality over quantity. Let us introduce you to the people who will make it all come to life.

Mars Yau

Mars has over 20 years of diverse experience in software development and IT services. He owns his business and has vast knowledge in managing the latest IT solutions and services projects in government and various commercial sectors: social media, insurance, property development and educational institutions, etc.

Kan Wong

Kan is a IT specialist with demonstrated work background in financial industry. Over 20 years hands on immersion in a series of prominent projects: creating financial trading applications, managing critical production realtime system and data integration, etc.

Jan Veldhuis

Jan, the founder of OXYCoin, is a blockchain expert and entrepreneur. He has diverse experience in the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. For years, he has worked at different blockchain projects like Lisk, ShiftNrg, Rise and Ark. As his colleagues, we will step together and looking forward to a successful move in the time to come.

Scott Lindh (scottie)

Introduced to crypto currency in 2013 and has been actively trading since. Full stack developer specialising in web automation, quantitative analysis and data mining. Has been a key team member of several crypto currency teams and is developer for several crytpo trading communities.

Kevin Ip

Kevin is an experienced designer and branding consultant. His creativity is simply endless and he worked in a range of design services including branding, corporate communications, website and mobile apps design. He believe that our creative thinking brings out positive energy and provoking solutions to peoples.

Binqiting (Li Hui)

Binqiting, as a marketing expertise, who has involved in a range of cryptocurrency projects and crypto-related services, including OXY, LWF, ETHLend, Monetha, Tie.Networks, B2BX & ICOBOX. He is strong in business and market development especially in Chinese market.

Edson Ichihara

Edson has been active in cryptomarkets since the beginning of 2015. He is full of crypto enthusiasm and has mined Ethereum and Monero early in their lifecycles, he is also a support manager of OxyCoin, LWF and Gelios.

Li Hua

Li start cryptocurrency mining from 2013. He is a member of China LISK group and also worked as support manager of different crypto communities.

Terry Leung

Terry is a software enginnger specializing in online applications and mobile app development. Over 15 years expereince and extensive background in full life-cycle of software development process.

Zeben Rodriguez

Zebenzui is a financial analyst with 21 years experience in traditional stock markets and more than 2 years in cryptomarkets. Zebenzui is also a native Spanish speaker and will bring ONZ to Europe and Latin American countries.

Geoffrey K.

Geoffrey has a strong background in English communications and is a part of the ONZ support team. Geoff will also be bringing extensive knowledge of Computer Based Training to the ONZ community to lead the operations of how to use the platform directly from the team; a first within the crypto space.

Dan S. (BlueDragon)

Bluedragon is a full stack developer, graphics designer and cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast since it's early days. He is also a Lisk delegate helping out the community there who is also involved with various other DPOS coins like OXY and LWF. He is knowledgeable in the crypto market, social networking and promotion.

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We are hiring! Community ONZ Coin needs representatives, moderators, developers, marketers, and all who want to directly participate in the development of ONZ, please fill in the application form to join us!









ONZ Wallet

Compared with other token based projects, ONZ blockchain is an established decentralization network run by a group of supporters. You can download the ONZ wallet to get ready to receive your first ONZ coin.

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